Takuma Anzai

Meet Takuma Anzai, drums & tools of rescue


Takuma and I met several years ago when I was looking for players for my trio.  As synchronicity would have it, earlier on the same day of our first meeting, I was having lunch in Boston with Michael Farquharsona professor / producer at Berklee College of Music.  I mentioned I’d be going to meet a drummer after lunch.  “Who’s that?”  When he heard Takuma, he said “He’s the one I use for recording my studio projects!”  There was no doubt left in my mind.

Shortly after my first rehearsal with Takuma, I had a dream in which the most beautiful, fluid percussion surrounded me.  Not unlike my experience during rehearsal, cushioned in the most wonderful wash of sound, I felt I was in another world, the place where my music was originally created.

At some point, I knew we would work together again.  I am so grateful he will be with me for Aberfan.

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Photo by Shuhei Teshima