Pantglas School

“Aberfan” (Rain Sequence, excerpt)

AberfanPantglasSchoolCourtesy of Alan George

Over the past year, I have posted demo excerpts of the music from Aberfan.

For those new to hearing about my project, here is a sample (posted June 2015) from near the beginning of the piece, the sound of 7 pianos as Rain.


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Photo of Pantglas School and the village of Aberfan courtesy of Alan George.

“Aberfan” Verse


AberfanPantglasSchoolCourtesy of Alan George

“In the small Welsh town* of Aberfan

for days the rain did fall

down on the heart–”

Here is a vocal sample of the first verse, one of three short lyric segments excised from the folk song my Mom wrote following the disaster.  Aberfan is, in essence, a bonding of many different musical sequences, the least of which contain words, each a portion of the experience, each a part of the whole.

*The only word I will change of my Mom’s lyric is “town” to “village”.

This is a picture of Pantglas School, upon which the landslide fell in 1966.  Courtesy Alan George.

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