Landslides in Art

Dr. Dave Petley, American Geophysical Union

11_05-Aberfan_Tip_Disaster_5 AGU Blogosphere

Back in May 2013, as I worked on the order of musical sequences for Aberfan, I came across Dave Petley’s article Remembering the Aberfan disaster — 45 years ago today.

An independent scientist – writer for the AGU Landslide Blog, living in the UK, Dave’s post was an overview of this tragedy and its enduring legacy in physical, social and psychological terms.  In this fuller context, I could picture and understand how the landslide occurred, what led up to it and what followed — crucial to the integrity of my music, Aberfan.

I wrote to him immediately.  Thus our communications began.

In June 2015, Dave posted Aberfan in his series “Landslides in Art”.

I want to thank him again, for all the factual information, alongside the moral support his interest in my project has garnered over the years.

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“Landslides in Art” Part 22

11_05-Aberfan_Tip_Disaster_5 AGU Blogosphere

Dave Petley has included a beautifully written post about Aberfan in his series “Landslides in Art” on AGU Blogosphere, The Landslide Blog.

I first wrote to Dave in May 2013 after reading his post, commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, which was so helpful in picturing and understanding how this catastrophy occurred, what led up to it and what followed, all vital to the composition.

Dave Petley is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom.

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