Greenfield MA

WMCB radio interview

Host Jackie Rose says this:  “It took a lot of courage for Laura to put this music out there.  I know it’s taken courage for me to even play it.”

Beginning with a music sample from “Aberfan”, here is a short portion of my recent radio interview with Jackie for “Northern Star Radio”, WMCB, Greenfield.

If you’d like to hear the full interview: 


“Aberfan” airs tonight 6PM (EST) on WMCB 107.9

Discussing Aberfan and listening to excerpts of music from the composition with host Jackie Rose for “Northern Star Radio” on Greenfield’s station, WMCB, 107.9 FM

Airs Friday, June 5th, 6-7PM, and Sunday, June 7th, 5-6PM.  Streaming on the web @