WHUS 91.7 FM Storrs, CT.  Avant-garde with Chris Sampson on “Gravity and Chaos” talking about my current project, Aberfan.  Tune in 8-10pm.  4/15/15.

WMCB-lp 107.9FM Radio, Greenfield, MA.  Jackie Rose hosts “Northern Star Radio”.  Interviews Laura Siersema with her new work-in-progress, Aberfan. 5/29/15.

WICN Public Radio 90.5FM, Worcester, MA.  Nick Noble hosts “The Folk Revival”.  Interviews Laura Siersema about her latest work, Aberfan.  7/30/15.

WMCB-lp 107.9FM Radio for Greenfield, MA.  Marion Kelner hosts “Speciocracy”.  Interviews Laura Siersema with her new CD, Talon of the Blackwater.  6/19/09.  Guest Vincent Tripi.

For more listings, see past events.