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“Memorial Day / Mother’s Birthday / Who Needs This Heart”

Sharing a song from Laura Siersema Trio Live at 1794 Meetinghouse:


Who needs this heart
who will share in the world upon my shoulders
who needs this heart
it’s wild–

Who sees this heart
in the crumple and changing of September
who sees this heart
and smiles–

Who hears this heart
who hears this heart–
in the storm of a house she once mentioned–

Who holds this heart
in the presence of a darkness she must fathom
who holds this heart
who holds this heart
and is afraid–

original version of “Who Needs This Heart” on when I left loss (1999)

Spotify: Laura Siersema Trio Live at 1794 Meetinghouse

The Trio Live album is now available on Spotify!



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iTunes: Laura Siersema Trio Live @ 1794 Meetinghouse

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Laura Siersema Trio: Live Album!

1794triocoverHooray!  Our trio album, Live at 1794 Meetinghouse is available!

Billy Klock and Wim Auer played with me for three years following the release of Talon of the Blackwater in 2009.  These guys gave their hearts and souls to my music.  What great champions!  I love them both.

Listening to these tracks over the last few weeks has been a great joy.  Our last performance together was on July 8, 2012.  At long last, an “official” release!  Dedicated to Billy Klock and Wim Auer.

Please take a listen!   Buy yourself an individual track or the whole album!

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