Laura Siersema is composer of Aberfan (7 pianos, voice and tools of rescue), a sponsored project of New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization.  All donations are tax deductible.  Your contribution ensures we can return to the studio to complete its recording.

“The major labels are always looking for artists who fit in neat categories, to simplify their marketing efforts.  Artists know this, and try to make music that will fit.  But some artists are driven to make music that falls between the cracks, that fits no musical genre very well at all.  Sometimes, there are traces of various musical genres, but combined in unexpected ways.  And sometimes there is no genre that can describe the music fairly.  Always, these artists show a fierce originality.  Some of the best music I have ever heard also defies categorization.  Just as the English language is neither French nor German, but is derived from both, this music is a new language, one that speaks eloquently.”  (Oliver di Place blog on Laura’s work)

Long version autobiography here.

Laura’s has performed at art festivals and venues around the United States, opening for John Gorka, Cheryl Wheeler, Connie Kaldor, Dana Cooper and Lori McKenna. View a list of venues.  She is a graduate of the University of Florida (nursing) and Berklee College of Music (songwriting).  Before leaving the Boston area for western Massachusetts, she accompanied choral, theater productions and church services, sang with New England Vocal Arts Ensemble, and was soprano soloist at Eliot Church in Newton.  She studied voice in the bel canto tradition with John LaBella and briefly with Phyllis Curtin, world-known soprano.  Currently she is the pianist for the UCC of Conway and First Congregational Church of Shelburne in western Massachusetts.


Laura Siersema Trio Live at 1794 Meetinghouse , recorded in 2012, was officially released in 2017.  Recorded and engineered by Grammy winning Norman Blain.

Talon of the Blackwater (2009), produced by Jay Hovnanian and mastered by Jeff Lipton, features Michael Farquharson, fretless bass (MCA artist/Juno nominee), T Lavitz, jazz piano/keyboards (Grammy nominee of the Dixie Dregs), Eugene Friesen, cello (Grammy winning Paul Winter Consort) , Nate Comp, guitars (Josh Logan Band), Alastair Moock (additional vocals), Bruce LeBlanc, Nick Falk, drums, and Marcelo Woloski, percussion (Maeve Gilchrist Group).

Love Flows Like the Blood of a River (2003) Featuring Eugene Friesen, cello (Grammy winner, Paul Winter Consort) and Steve Wilkes, percussion (Blue Man Group). Produced by Doug Hammer and Laura Siersema.

When I Left Loss (1999) Produced by Doug Hammer with Laura Siersema vocals/keyboards.  Mastered by Bob Ludwig.

Her albums are available for sale on Amazon.

The first two albums contain her unique combinations of prose poems and songs.  Her poetry has been published in Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Cream City Review, Lullwater Poetry Review, and others.

Massachusetts Cultural Council (Williamsburg, Deerfield and Greenfield) grants for performance 2004

NERFA Informal Showcase Performer 2001

ASCAPlus Awards yearly 1999-2011, 2014

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