Patrons of All Sizes

UCC image

Many thanks to The United Congregational Church of Conway (Massachusetts) for their $100 contribution yesterday to Aberfan. 

This generous gift, in combination with my posting yesterday about a completed grant application, made me once again appreciate the necessity of donations of all sizes.  Grants for thousands of dollars are highly competitive, and therefore uncertain.  Individual donations like this one, however, form the backbone of everything I am trying to do.  Each one gets us closer to being able to actualize this project.

For centuries, patrons have been essential to bringing art into the world.

A difficult and singular endeavor that has carried itself through me over years (and will continue to do so) would be impossible to realize without the help from those for whom Aberfan resonates.  For everyone that gives to this undertaking, know that its enduring and significant impact is now also in your hands.

If you would wish your contribution to be publicly shared, as did The United Congregational Church of Conway, I would be happy to do so.

For giving to Aberfan, please go to

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