MAP Fund application, by invitation

MAP Fund image

After months of preparation and not a little stress, another application made it out.  What astonished me, in finding answers to questions on the application, was to realize the deep thread that has been running through my work all along.  A great gift to find meaning.

Here is an excerpt:

“Aberfan articulates a broadening and deepening of practice far beyond what I’ve experienced before, yet inclusive of everything before it. What began on my knees, crouched in a narrow darkened tunnel cut towards a far away light opening into vast space, over years has been the search for my own creative voice in composition.  Aberfan became symbol of the greater, where time and form are permeable — where opposites are contained and held together in agonizing fusion, irregular shapes of risen cadences into a whole.”

Deep thanks to Ian Smith-Heisters for his part in helping me with the application.

To contribute to the recording of Aberfan, please go to

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