Many thanks to Hillary Hoffman, Jay Lord and George for advising me on this latest grant application for Aberfan.  For their clear minds and guidance as I dug my way from the poetic to the precise.  Here’s a little bit:

‘Aberfan is an elegy not only for the people of Aberfan who suffered the loss of a generation and the “wounded soul of the Welsh” who saw “their beautiful country being destroyed when the coal mines came to the valleys”,  (BBC Radio 4) but for our world, besieged by an unbridled industry pillaging the land and capitalizing on its riches for individual gain. The tragedy of Aberfan and the music it informed manifest the abject sorrow and rage resulting from the devastating human and environmental impacts of the fossil fuel industry, more recently embodied by mountaintop-removal coal mining and fracking to extract natural gas. This project confronts and aims to disrupt our complacency.

The penetrating quality of musical vibrations in synergy with photographic art, resonating where words cannot, evokes a greater world where all are connected as living beings on a living earth. In bearing witness to the single atrocity of Aberfan, one can begin to question the arrogance of “progress” built on destruction, absent the soul.’

For the performance or installation of Aberfan, we need money to create a studio recording and develop a design for the visual element.

To participate in helping make this project happen, contribute here:

BBC Radio 4 program produced by Maggie Ayre.

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